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Life Groups


“Living Beyond Yourself” by Beth Moore
The Ladies meets on Tuesdays at 6:00PM

BOLD MEN OF FAITH ( A Men's Bible study)

Bold Men of Faith is a men’s Bible study held every Tuesday morning
at 5:45am, in the church fellowship hall. It is a time of devotion and
Bible study on various topics. A good start to a great day.


Circle of Faith is a weekly Bible study, on the word of God and how
it can be applied to our daily lives, for Teenagers thru Senior Adults.

Circle of Faith meets on Wednesday at 1:00PM

The Menu
Welcome to F.G.B.C
Have you ever gone to a restraurant and looked at their menu and thought, “This is amazing!!! This is a great menu!!
Well, here at F.G.B.C. we would like to share with you our Menu of Opportunity to grow Closer to God through Life Groups (Small Groups). An opportunity for all of us (Members, Attenders, and Guest) to Connect, Grow, and Experience Life Together!!!

Here you will find a smorgasboard of different Bible based studies that will help you Grow Spiritually and they will help you become a vital part of our F.G.B.C Family.

Please pray over each curriculum and allow the Holy Spirit to help you find the item (curriculum) that you will most benefit from. Also realize that after your 1st Life Group is over, you can come right back to the Amazing Menu and start another one. What you’ll find is the next item (curriculum) you choose; you may be connecting with a whole new group of people.

Combined Study of “Acts” and “If” – Tom Pinkston & Larry Wallace (Church)
Unleashed – Beth Besing (Church)
Unstuck – Pastor Rick Gilmore (Home)
Believe – Pastor Spencer Gaines (Home)
Awesome – Pastor Brad Keenan (Monday Evenings Home)