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Hi Everyone, we are speaking to you on behalf of the Finance Team, Building Committee, Board of Directors and Capital Campaign Committee of FGBC. As many of you know we
broke ground on our New Family Life Center a few weeks ago. In a few weeks we will see heavy equipment move in and construction begin. As most of you know we started the Scriptural Funding Campaign Three years ago in March 2011 to raise the down payment for this project. We rose to the challenge and thanks to the dedication of our church family,
the results have been amazing. We committed to give $497,000 and we exceeded that goal by $30,000. This has allowed us to pay the architect, drawings, soil borings, surveys, appraisal, furnish the new building, make a down payment and secure a loan for $1.2 million.

As the initial campaign has come to an end, it is time for the next campaign to begin. We now need to make a commitment to pay for the remainder of this project. We believe we were called to be here at First General Baptist Church for such a time as this. Back in the mid 60’s, God gave a vision to a small congregation at a little brick church in town to buy 13 acres of property and build this huge building. Some of you were a part of that. Now 45 years later, our needs and ministry have out grown our present facility. King David wanted to build the Lord’s
temple, but that responsibility and pleasure was instead given to King Solomon. We are truly blessed that God has entrusted us at this time with this mission.

It was decided not to hire a professional fundraising company at this time, but instead, to put all our funds toward paying off the building. We felt that by now, you know the project, the need, and have demonstrated a willingness to give sacrificially.

If you would like to make a pledge to this endeaver please fill free to call the church office at 812-385-5410 for more information.

May God bless you as you make the sacrifice to complete the mission God has given us.

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